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Happy "War Day," Ev'rybody!

If Star Wars day is May the 4th (be with you), we can certainly take a moment and remember that today, March Fourth, doubles as a military command. it really should be "War Day" or "Military Aggression Day" or something like that, to honor all of the acts of conflict nations have waged against each other throughout history.

But saying it that way really diminishes the impact of how innocent people, just trying to live their lives as best they can, under a system they didn't create, might be killed because the policies of their government, of which they may not agree, or might even be vehemently standing against, went against the policies of a different government or different group of people.

Aggression is built into the human form. You can see it in two year olds. It's there. I want it all, and I want it all now! Power, prestige, taking what you want. It's all focused on self, and is all a part of the process of war. It is a little bit obvious when you see that the United States Military is bigger than the next largest 13 nations' militaries, combined!

It comes back to the concept of "ownership" - what belongs to whom. And this relates to the finite quality of the planet on which we dwell. There is only so much earth on Earth, and who has what makes a difference. And this relates back to the fact that in our virtual world, people are storing their stuff "in the cloud." Plenty of room there!

But, to take this seriously for a moment, war is an ego trip. It's a power play. It's legal murder. If you killed an enemy soldier, you don't go on trial, you get a medal and a hero's welcome. But that dead person? That's still someone who had a life, who maybe had a family, who maybe had no choice but to become a soldier, and has been killed. War impacts economics.

And really, that is another form of war. The struggle for the so-called "emerging nations" to start coming out of their Third World status and achieving something beneficial. Sure, succeed, but not too quickly. Yes, come up, but not to OUR level.

Here's the question. The concept of have and have not is at the crux of it all. It's that old communism and capitalism wheeze. If we all have something, the same thing, then that's not "special" any more. If everyone drove around in Cadillac Escalades, aside from helping speed the planet to its demise, there would be nothing unique about owning that vehicle. If everyone had Blue Cross/Blue Shield, then that wouldn't be special anymore. If everyone had food and fresh water to drink...

The mindset of those that go to war is always an Us v. Them approach. "They" are different. "They" are demons. Ronald Reagan used this to great effect when he was President, to help describe the Soviet Union. He hadn't counted on little schoolgirl Samantha Smith to help poke a hole in that gasbag of a lie.

The point is, we're all human. We all have needs and we all have our wants and desires. The question is, can we all co-exist, can we all still have all of our needs met and maybe get some of those wants as well, without resorting to killing others, to destroying neighborhoods, to ripping families apart, to dominating another country, to ruining our planet?

But there's the problem. We have guns. We have ammunition. We have bombs. If we have them, we have to use them, right? Otherwise, why do we have them? I'm not carrying this gun around for looks! Well, yes I am. But I also am actively seeking a reason to use it. Constantly searching for someone who needs a bullet in their brain or in their heart.

Shooting is fun! Shooting is powerful! And it's a way of helping control the population!

And that's another point. War isn't always "declared." That makes it a lot more difficult to fight. You might be in a war, and just not know it. And those are the most difficult wars to negotiate. There are wars going on, all around, everywhere, from the schoolyard bully to the ousted world leader. Life is made miserable by war, even when that isn't what it's called.

But, you know, we have to protect our way of life. We have to retain the Status Quo. And an easy way to do that is through war. Might makes right. Stay in line, follow orders, and maybe, just maybe, you'll survive.

Enjoy your "War Day!"
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